Gode Links

Gode links til søde mennesker i branchen

Hvis du vil bytte links med os, så skriv til os.

link Building

Links are essential if you want to achieve good rankings in Google search results, and they have been since Google’s cool start back in January 1998.

In the real world, we listen to recommendations and let them characterize our choices, and the same is happening on the Internet – here we go daily in recommendations, both on social media, but also through links on the various websites we use. A link is in all its simplicity a form of recommendation. You link to refer to content on other websites. For good reasons, this can be captured as a positive signal, which is exactly what Google does.

Linkbuilding work is and has always been the most important discipline in SEO. Linkbuilding is what makes all the difference, and with the right links you can handle a less good website, inferior content and a technically less optimized platform. Of course, that does not change the fact that those who do the best are the websites that control all the processes.